About Deeper

Deeper is designed to be a loving and safe community to learn how to hear God’s voice for oneself and for others.  Deeper is also designed to provide opportunities to encounter Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit through a variety of worship experiences and listening exercises.

One of the foundational principles of Deeper is that Christians hear the voice of God (John 10:27).  Hearing God’s voice for others is what the Bible calls the ministry and gift of prophecy.  Learning to hear God’s voice and learning to use the gift of prophecy is taught in alignment with biblical principles (1 Corinthians 14), and practiced within the Deeper community.

Each Deeper session includes:

  • Worship – The extended worship times are intended to create time and space to meet and connect with God.
  • Teaching – The teaching is biblically based and gives guidelines to equip participants in hearing God’s voice for oneself and to operate in and steward the gift of prophecy.
  • Practice – A main focus of Deeper is to provide regular opportunities to practice hearing God’s voice.  Deeper is not a ‘sit back and learn’ classroom setting, but rather a ‘jump in and practice’ experience.

The Deeper Leader’s Guide along with one Participant’s Guide per person are practical tools to equip a group of willing Christians to journey together and create a community that knows how to hear the voice of God and can operate in the gift of prophecy.  Ultimately, the Deeper community becomes a prophetic community where God often does a deep work in the hearts of people and spiritual transformation is experienced even by seasoned Christians.

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